Topic Expert

Preparing for the first parent-teacher conference 

Ms. Rosy Loodu

What to look for on your child’s report card 

Ms. Jacquie Schierer

Supporting student success at home 

Mr. Matt Jamieson

Supporting student success at school 

Ms. Donna Burke

Preparing your child for kindergarten 

Ms. Laurie Lum

Flu Shots 

Dr. Sheri

Visit to the family doctor’s office 

Dr. Ronbir Rakhra

Visit to the emergency room 

Dr. Cindy-Ann Lucky

Visit to the dentist’s office 

Dr. Stewart Katz

High blood pressure 

Dr. Sajal Jain

Child growth and development 

Dr. Naz Bhanji


Dr. Leena Jain

The truth about cancer 

Dr. Hal Gunn

Exercise Programs

Ms. Jeanie Bezden

Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy

Mr. Mandeep (Manny) Thind and Ms.Tracy Wong

Understanding Cholesterol 

Dr. Sajal Jain

Education through the Arts

Ms. Deborah Kerr

Living with Arthritis  

Dr. K. Shojania

How to Hear Better  

Jamie Larsen

Learning about Diabetes  

Dr. Sajal Jain

Eye Care  

Dr. Amit Mathur

Visiting the Psychologist: Anxiety Disorders  

Dr. Sandeep Thinda

Visiting the Psychologist: Depression  

Dr. Sandeep Thinda

Nutrition and Healthy School Lunches  

Arlene Cristall

Sun Safety  

Dr. Harvey Lui

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